Monday, 23 April 2012

Weekend football and Sunday Brunch

It has been a fantastic weekend of football viewing and as the season is coming to climax I am looking forward to witnessing the sharp end of the season once again. I feel I am in a fortunate position as my wife is also a football fan and this allows me to indulge in hours of viewing football all over the world at any given time. I am sure she has her reasons for allowing me to lose myself in so many games, whatever they may be, I am grateful.

I watched Sunday Brunch on channel 4 on Sunday morning with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, they had Richard Bacon on as a guest amongst others. Richard Bacon declared that he hoped his son would not be a sports fan, primarily because it takes up so much time to be a sports fan. I feel he has a valid point, if I invested as much time into learning languages as I do watching football then surely I would be able to converse in a magnitude of different ways which I acknowledge would be wholly more impressive than discussing why the referee cost 'us' the points in an important home game.

My feeling is I am stuck this way now, it is now an obsession. Maybe I could get some help with it? See a professional? Go to meetings like alcoholic anonymous or narcotics anonymous. Coincidentally I learnt that there are many different support groups on offer to people, one is called CoDA for people who view themselves as co-dependent. Maybe I could go there for my football obsession?

I guess the problem is, a lack of a problem. I can easily spend 8 or 9 hours out of my day watching football but where is the harm in that? I am still functioning, I am happy and this leads me believe that co-dependency may not be such a bad thing in my case. If people like me did not exist then who would really care about football anyway? The players would not be paid so much, in fact probably not paid at all. No one would be in the stadiums, it would not be on television and it would be of little interest. People like keep the beautiful game alive and they know it. They do not know it? Surely...

This weekend I have watched the following games; Queens Park Rangers vs Tottenham, Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Manchester United vs Everton, Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City, Juventus vs Roma, Valencia vs Real Betis, Atletico Madrid vs Espanyol, Banfield vs San Lorenzo. I have also seen highlights of all the games in different countries, listened to the Arsenal vs Chelsea game on the radio as well watching some of the Sparta Prague game.

Tonight I intend to watch Leicester City vs West Ham and anything else that takes my fancy. I have a definite obsession and it is not going away, for better and for worse I am stuck with it.

Game of the weekend in my opinion was Juventus vs Roma. I hope more Italian clubs build modern stadiums as it truly has brought new life to the Old Lady.

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