Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fish and Chip

Well it is Grand National day, a day when I traditionally put a lot of money on blind betting. I have no idea about horses, form etc. I generally pick those mid way down the order with juicy odds. When I look at the estimated winnings I get a bit carried away and put too much money on. However, if I win one of my bets then I will make a lot of money (well for me anyway!).

It's the weekend, I haven't shaved so I am sat here stroking a beard trawling through the internet looking at the latest football news. Some big games this weekend, notably in the FA Cup semi's. I predict Liverpool to beat the form guide to conquer Everton. I'm not sure why but they seem to have hoodoo over their neighbours. Chelsea vs Tottenham could go either way but I will go for Chelsea on that one.

Whilst looking at clips on the internet I discovered Andre Santos eating at my former local fish and chip shop. It is not the best fish and chip shop in the area, if Andre walked 5 minutes down the road to Finsbury Park then he could have got more for his money. The fish and chips are of a good standard however and staff are very friendly. Despite the coverage suggesting Andre is 'enjoying' English cuisine, I think it's clear for all to see that he won't be eating at this establishment again!

Andre Santos is now known as 'fish and chip' in my household.

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