Sunday, 19 August 2012

Media circus; lights, camera, action

Interesting morning reviewing what has been said and done in the newspapers with regards to this weekends football action. I am rather amused by Harry Redknapp’s desperate attempts to stay the focus of media attention and use his cronies to tout for potential new jobs. He outlines that Arsenal selling Robin Van Persie is a bad bit of business for Arsenal in his Sun column which is potentially a fair comment but then goes onto say that they will really struggle to get into the top 4 this season. Harry Redknapp believes that Tottenham will again close the gap on Arsenal (he is judging this on Tottenham signing only 2 new players so far, having 1 proper striker available for selection and fails to discuss the fact that they are due to lose their best player in Luka Modric). Interesting how he uses his article to outline how much weaker Arsenal are going to be as they are selling their best player whilst Tottenham are doing the exact same thing.

Redknapp goes onto suggest that Manchester United and Manchester City will compete for the title and no one else will get near them and he believes Chelsea are going to struggle to fit all their new signings into the side and therefore struggle to finish top 4 in the Premier League. I am curious as to who Redknapp thinks will finish in the top 4 this season as he seemingly rules out most teams. I hope someone gives him a job soon so we don’t have to put up with a whole season of his bile in newspapers and on television. He like everyone else should delay making definite conclusions until the season has developed and ay least wait until clubs have completed their transfer business. Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Sunderland and most other clubs will be doing a lot of business before the transfer window shuts therefore the it is pointless drawing conclusions at this stage.

It was a great start of the season however and my only wish is that the media celebrate this, celebrate Swansea playing magnificently and winning 5-0 away from home, West Brom having a fantastic opening result and even celebrate Portsmouth being able to even play a game at Fratton Park and Rotherham playing the first game at their fantastic new stadium after such troubled times.

Judging from what I have read this morning, the vouchers are circling however on Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers framing them as a ‘crisis club’ and as usual Arsenal are in crisis at the start of the season. After writing a lot of columns about how footballers need to change their behaviour after the heroics of the Olympians at London 2012, maybe the journalists need to think about adopting a different approach and give the scaremongering and doomsday stories a rest - especially on the first day of the football season!

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